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US-2562120-A: Magnetic field strength meter patent, US-2568414-A: Pipe joint patent, US-2568960-A: Winder patent, US-2585379-A: Doughnut cutting machine patent, US-2598813-A: Toy or miniature bed patent, US-2600188-A: Spade connector patent, US-2615943-A: Apparatus for comparing frequencies of electric oscillations patent, US-2618446-A: Controller unit patent, US-2624924-A: Dual-purpose vaporizer patent, US-2627922-A: Machine for cutting tissue patent, US-2638879-A: Apparatus for heat treatment of fluent substances patent, US-2673335-A: Convenience outlet patent, US-2675158-A: Reinforced partitioned carrier patent, US-2685394-A: Boneless ham pressure packer patent, US-2685791-A: Machine for treating hides and skins employing rotary rolls patent, US-2690051-A: Heat transfer system utilizing suspended particles in a gas or vapor patent, US-2698867-A: Hydroxy aromatic hydrocarbon-olefin polymer alkylation with hf catalyst patent, US-2706744-A: Enclosed electrical bus systems patent, US-2727476-A: Rotatable dibble-type planter patent, US-2736183-A: Textile rope washer patent, US-2746645-A: Dispenser for canned liquid goods patent, US-2754949-A: Centrifugal clutch patent, US-2765597-A: Surface grinding device patent, US-2772199-A: Composition comprising copper salts of fluorine and arsenic and fibrous materials containing same patent, US-2794021-A: Process for making organic polysulfides patent, US-2812609-A: Fishing lure patent, US-2815678-A: Plunger actuator-packer patent, US-4319945-A: Method of producing aspherical optical elements patent, US-2838636-A: High voltage circuit interrupting switch means patent, US-2843130-A: Brassiere patent, US-2852267-A: Disc plow adjustable wheel patent, US-2861784-A: Apparatus for continuous production of butter patent, US-2880206-A: Mecurated biuret derivatives patent, US-2893555-A: Lubrication in the hot extrusion of metals patent, US-2899919-A: Myska patent, US-2905425-A: Shelving clip and upright patent, US-2930014-A: Polygonal electric coil patent, US-2943657-A: Concrete beam mould clamp patent, US-2953403-A: Adjustable drive coupling for pump shafts patent, US-2972292-A: Conversion unit for popcorn machines patent, US-2975243-A: Transducers patent, US-2987934-A: Motor vehicle automatic transmissions patent, US-2989769-A: Floor drying apparatus patent, US-2994266-A: Hand stamps patent, US-3027467-A: Proximity switching apparatus patent, US-3035990-A: Chemical blanking of aluminum sheet metal patent, US-3055385-A: Milk pipeline valve patent, US-3077318-A: Fishing reel with electric motor drive attachment patent, US-3077785-A: Pivot spring suspended gyro patent, US-3083907-A: Electronic counter patent, US-3113432-A: Method and apparatus for controlling high pressure fluid by low pressure blocking patent, US-3119734-A: Stock inlet and headbox for paper making machines patent, US-3135400-A: Apparatus for compacting material for loading on to vehicles patent, US-3192530-A: Electronically scanned array with diode controlled delay network patent, US-3205429-A: Alternator with series field patent, US-3246430-A: Abrasive articles and methods of making the same patent, US-3250963-A: Sensor device and method of mounting patent, US-3272214-A: Self-matching fluid elements patent, US-3378729-A: Electrical protective system patent, US-3388790-A: Suture holder patent, US-3397607-A: Single faraday cell polarimeter patent, US-3429377-A: Sod harvesting apparatus patent, US-3448060-A: Supported skeletal nickel catalyst patent, US-3453676-A: Dustpan patent, US-3476226-A: Overrunning clutch with controlled operation patent, US-3516287-A: Device for programmed operation of an automobile on a test platform patent, US-3527323-A: Remote fill air line lubricator patent, US-3623465-A: Device for delaying the closing of a throttle valve patent, US-3625772-A: Electrode-separator combination patent, US-3664350-A: Cigarette patent, US-3708087-A: Newspaper dispenser patent, US-3744275-A: Patterning mechanism for multi-feed circular knitting machines and to a method of knitting on the same patent, US-3806274-A: Gas turbine engine blades patent, US-3860692-A: Sodium aluminum borate patent, US-3872144-A: Organoaluminum compounds and their preparation patent, US-3882982-A: Method and apparatus for encouraging return of shopping carts patent, US-3886983-A: Sack-filling device patent, US-2420226-A: Oil well packer patent, US-2420876-A: Machine for surface finishing action on materials patent, US-2432573-A: Self-starting single-phase motor patent, US-2438376-A: Can opener patent, US-2479468-A: Overload indicator patent, US-2500541-A: Inertia-type electromechanical sound transducing device patent, US-2505057-A: Toy vehicle patent, US-2518239-A: Spray nozzle mounting and oscillating mechanism patent, US-2559161-A: Method of forming cast hollow articles patent, US-2568183-A: Machine for removing paint patent, US-2600659-A: Combined float and mercury switch patent, US-2604646-A: Potato brusher patent, US-2608797-A: Hotbed patent, US-2621305-A: Cathode-ray tube power supply patent, US-2626638-A: Tool supporting arm for radial saws patent, US-2649698-A: Special valve arrangement on centrifugal condensers and coolers patent, US-2652922-A: Container for packaging toruslike objects and articles patent, US-2670824-A: Adjustment motion transmitting and retaining device patent, US-2672366-A: Method and device for charging shower and similar baths with soap emulsion in water patent, US-2682746-A: Multiple control device for aircraft engines having a linkage override mechanism patent, US-2692779-A: Production chart patent, US-2697453-A: Profile metal element made of a number of welded component parts, for frames of heddle shafts patent, US-2706439-A: Mechanical harrow patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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